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Home, safe home.

Windows and Doors with security built in

We all like to think that the one place the whole family will be warm, cosy, safe and secure is in their own home. So you will feel a whole lot safer if your home is Saracen Secure.

Having replacement windows or doors fitted will not always guarantee the latest security. Burglars are pretty good at finding the weak points in your windows and doors, but with Saracen’s proven locking system it's so difficult to break in, we actually guarantee it won’t happen.

So, you really feel like you're home,

Multi-point window security

A window with Saracen’s locking system provides the latest in security against a potential burglar. A Saracen shoot bolt, Saracen high security friction hinges and an automatically locking handle, secure the window to the frame at 5 different points.

At the turn of the handle, the central lock locates into the frame, while high strength shoot bolts lock into keeps in the corners of the frame.

Friction hinges lock the window into other corners of the frame, making it almost impossible to force the window, and greatly enhancing theweathering seal.

For your security and peace of mind!

Introducing the latest door lock innovation for front and French doors

There’s not much point beating the burglars at your windows only to leave the door wide open. In addition to our cylinder multi-point lock, Saracen Secure entrance door security is supported by the latest in lock technology – Vectis Plus.

Utilising trusted and respected technology from traditional mortice locks, the Vectis Plus multi-point lock features a centre hook or deadbolt, heavy duty hooks that clamp the door tight against the frame; and for PVCu doors additional roller cams ensure the door seals rigidly into the frame.

Vectis Plus’s unique security system for French Doors gives you robust hooks, shoots and centre hook or deadbolt for a criminal-defying 7-point locking system. High security hinges and stylish handles complete the picture.

We are so confident that a burglar won’t break in through our Saracen Secure locking systems that we guarantee it.

In the unlikely event of a break-in succeeding through the failure of one of our products on a window or door fitted with the full suite of Saracen locks, handles, hinges and cylinder guard/ anti-bump cylinder (excluding Vectis); we will arrange the repair or replacement of the window or door at a cost of up to £500.

What’s more we will pay up to £500 towards any other losses incurred in the break-in.

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